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In addition to the FORCES Illinois website, there are many other sites by organizations and individuals who oppose the purpose and/or methods of the anti-smoking movement where you can become better informed by reading the articles, keep updated on the latest news on smoker persecution and the fight against it, and even make some new friends in the process.

It should be noted that because FORCES Illinois does not control the content of any of these sites, we are not responsible for any content that isn't entirely truthful and accurate.
Most is though, and you will be as inspired by the extraordinary people who create these websites as we are.

Enjoy the adventure!


American Smokers Party
Illinois Smokers Rights
Illinois Smokers
Illinois Smokers Alliance Forum
Jay's Blog
Land of Lincoln Smokers Diary
The Phoenix Files
United States
Clearing The Air
Control Abuse of Power
Dave Kuneman
Free Republic
Hawaii Smokers Rights
Health Care Fraud
Iowa Smokers Rights Coalition
Junk Science Dot Com
Liberty Sentinel
Oklahoma Citizens for Freedom and Liberty
New York Coalition of Social Smokers
Pennsylvania Smokers Action Network
Real Texas Freedom
Smoking Aloud
Smoking Lobby
Smoking Mad
Smoker Power
Speakeasy Forum
The Smoke Vote
Virginia Smokers Alliance
We Are Americans Too
Wisconsin Ban The Ban
Citizens For Civil Liberties
The Snowbird
United Kingdom
Freedom 2 Choose
Illinois Government
General Assembly
The Governor
Smoke Free Illinois Act
The pending $.90 cigartte tax increase bill
Illinois Dept. of Public Health Propaganda Page
This website is our Mother Ship, folks! It tells who we are,what we are about, and contains by far, the most comprehensive collection of valuable information on smoking issues! Unlike the websites of the antis, when FORCES makes a statement, we have the facts to back it up!
CAUTION: Health warning to Anti Smoking Propagandists on high horses!! Reading the material on this site may cause dizziness, nausea, cold sweating, diarrea, paleness of the skin, convulsions, mental depression, and anything else associated with getting a dose of reality!.

The website of our good friend, Garnet Dawn who has been a thorn in the side of Antis in Illinois for years. Check it often, she is always busy updating with current news on smoking issues.. Garnet is also the Midwest Regional Director of Smokers Club Inc



Huge operation headed up by New Hampshire cowgirl, Samantha Phillipe who works with enough intensity to make the Energizer Bunny collapse from exhaustion! We always look forward to receiving her Free Weekly Newsletter and you will too when you see it!


The Heartland Institute, located in Chicago, is a non profit think tank which provides goverment and general public with the most reliable information in issues such as global warming, smoking, education, and more. They are a great group of people, doing an absolutely fantastic job and we are very happy to have them on our side in this insane War on Tobacco. Check their whole website, they have the best ideas on a lot of goverment and social issues!

This highly informative website is by recently retired NYPD police officer and former NYC mayoral candidate, Audrey Silk. Go to her website and read the horror stories of what can happen if Illinois disintegrates into the dispicable cesspool of tyranny New York has become!

Ever wonder what goes on inside an antismoker's head? Exactly what is it that makes them so obsessed with controlling us? Well that depends on which antismoker you're talking about. Michael McFadden has been studying them for years and found that there is not just one type of antismoker, but NINE of them that we have to deal with!

You can't fight these monsters unless you know the monsters you're fighting against. In "Brains", McFadden not only dissects their brains, he exposes their little tricks and devious lies, arms you with the truth, and gives plenty of good advice on what to do about them.

If you're new to the smokers rights movement and want to get educated fast, "Brains" is the first book you should read!

Michael is also president of Pennsylvania Smokers Action Network.



"Just the facts ma'am."

Dave Hitt has done a fantastic job of explaining basic epidemiology as it pertains to the fraud of the anti-smoking movement.
Highly recommened!

This is the blog of Bill Hannegan who has worked hard to keep his town and state Anti-Free. Bill is also an unselfish man who has devoted a lot of his time to fighting smoking ban issues wherever they pop up. He's one of our best!
American Smokers Party leader, Gary Kayser, said he has no intentions of running for governor. I don't know, I think he might just be testing the waters right now. If he does, he's our man!
Personal website of Stephanie Stahl designed to humor and empower you, plus lots of info on current activism. You'll love it!
Lynda Farley with her own brand of Kentucky fried activism is one of our fiercest warriors. Go to her site to see the Liberty Van and stay for the inspiration!
"If we won the war, why are we ruled by Nazis?"
With incessant persecution of smokers, Jolly 'ol England isn't so jolly these days and our counterparts in the UK are letting the government know they are bloody disatisfied!
These chaps are an awesome group of freedom fighters worthy of our respect!
The History of the
Conspiracy Against Tobacco
Anti-smoking vermin, worthless congresspussies, media whores, subhuman filth, and much more! The colorful Carol Thompson has done an incredible amount of research and she pulls no punches when exposing the fraud and corruption in the anti-smoking movement! She even has a few choice words reserved for us!

The Rest of the Story:Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

For 20 years, Dr. Michael Siegal has been doing research for the tobacco control crowd and eventually got to the point where he couldn't handle working around fanatics who let their agendas dictate their science rather than the other way around. Now he's blowing the whistle on the anti-smoking frauds! Great source for material to use against the anti-tobacco propagandists who poison the minds of our legislators!


Clearing The Air ......

HVAC engineer, Mark "Marcus Aurelius" Wernimont not only clears the air for his customers, he clears the air on the anti-smokers myth that "The technology doesn't exist to eliminate the risks of secondhand smoke". This blatant lie was necessary to eliminate any thoughts of exemptions for any businesses in Chicago and Illinois with decent air cleaning systems.
Numerous articles containing well researched info exposing that myth plus Big Pharma's funding of anti-smoking activism!


Dave Kuneman

Dave is one of a growing number of scientists who are fed up with the frauds in his profession who give scientists a bad name. He is one of our most intense researchers working diligently at exposing the cheaps tricks used in manipualting the science of secondhand smoke and ban economics.


Scientific Integrity Institute

Out of sheer desperation, the American Cancer Society working with the anti-smoking movement's biggest fraud, Dr. Stanton Glantz, has been using every despicable means possible to discredit Dr. James Enstrom and his work. The usually quiet Enstrom has had enough of their crap and has now formed SII to defend his work and expose the ACS as the shysters they really are. Hopefully his valiant efforts get some ACS execs locked up in prison with the rest of the crooks!
The material is a bit technical but is a MUST READ! If you're new, go to the above linked THE FACTS by Dave Hitt for a basic understanding of epidemiology first.